Johnny Hempseed  was started by 4 friends in early 1993. We are
                                                               dedicated to healing the sick and feeding the hungry peoples of this world.
                                                               Proceeds from the sale of  Johnny Hempseed products and concert tickets
                                                               go toward these causes. The healing properties of hemp are well recorded.
                                                               Hemp is one of the safest and most effective "medicines" we have. The
                                                               cannabis plant, at ripeness, has very powerful antioxidant properties which
                                                               protect your brain from the destructive effects of neurotoxic substances.
                                                               Cannabis contains a more powerful antioxidant than vitamin C or vitamin E!
                                                                        We believe the use of  hemp (cannabis) is vital to our earthly bodies.
                                                                The natural properties of hemp align perfectly with our nutritional needs!
                                                                Hempseed is reported by Dr. Roberta Hamilton of UCLA as "the most nu-
                                                                tritional food source so far discovered by man." Will hempseed be set free
                                                                in America? All seed-bearing herbs, including Cannabis, are freely given to
                                                                us for food by Yahweh (our Creator) in the twenty-ninth verse of Genesis
                                                                in your Bible. We at Johnny Hempseed Healing Ministry believe, that using
                                                                ripened hemp as an Holy Communion with our Creator, strengthens our
                                                                Spirit, our mind and our physical  bodies.  "A tree is known by it's fruit".
                                                                Have you been judging this plant by what "they say", or have you taken
                                                                time to find the true fruit for yourself ?
                                             Cannabis is such a strong producer of nutritious seeds and necessary
                                   oils that it is a crime against all humanity to eliminate it from our free access.
                                   When the farmers of the United States are once again allowed to cultivate
                                   and sell hemp products, there will be no more family farms sold at fore-
                                   closure auctions. In fact growing hemp for all of it's varied uses is likely to
                                   become the most lucrative crop in the farming business!
                                             All these benefits, plus it requires no pesticide so it fits seemlessly
                                   into our eco-system? A perfect and sustainable link for the recycling chain!
                                   Ever wonder what hemp freedom would be like? Healthier foods, natural
                                   medicine, cheaper fuels and lubricants, stronger fabrics, much less pollution.
                                  And think of the profits that will go to the FARMER'S!!!
                                           Why have these hemp plants been so ridiculed? Is it possible for this
                                   wicked generation to deny a man his right to till the ground and grow his
                                   own food?.... Is it even human to deny a farmer the very seed which is
                                   given to him by his heavenly Father?
                                            Our Father says we shall have all of the seed-bearing herbs of His
                                   creation. For it is the Holy Spirit of the Father that gives life to a seed, that
                                   it may spring forth with life, and grow of it's own accord. To deny us the
                                   seed which Yahweh has given us, is to say that the Spirit within the seed
                                   is unclean! This is nothing less than blasphemy against the Holy Spirit itself!
                                  Christ has spoken; "He who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has
                                   forgiveness, but is subject to eternal condemnation"
                                            The truth is, cannabis returns to you a very good fruit! It has become
                                   evident to us that hemp (marijuana) was given to all people as good. To
                                   outlaw what Yahweh has given us would be a serious violation of our
                                   Constitutional right of "free excercise of religion" which is supposed to be
                                   guaranteed to us by our current United States Constitution. The truth is
                                   not hidden any longer. Many people already know the goodness of  hemp.
                                  .Help us spread the Good News. Become a part of our circle!

                                                                                                      Hemp is Hope, Not Dope,
                                                                                                               Johnny Hempseed

   First Amendment to the Constution:
   "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,

                                                                         or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,..."

                                                                    "They will not believe what we say, but they will believe what we do."

We must stand as one for what is right!


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