This is the true story of Michael T. Headley and his battle
to maintain religious sovereignty as a Yahwistic Christian.

As for me and my house, we will serve Yahweh Almighty!
Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

There is only one question here;
"Can a believing Christian be denied access to essential foods
 and anointing oils which are clearly given to him in the Bible?"

There are currently three charges against me which directly oppose
my first amendment right to freely excercise my religion.

"The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness,
faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against these there is no law."
Mathews County, Va       Charge #1
Possession of marijuana - Section 18.2-250.1

Louisa County, Va          Charge #2
Possession of marijuana - Section 18.2-250.1
Louisa County, Va          Charge #3
Driving under the influence of marijuana(?) - Section ? DUI

-The Schedule-

 September 11, 2000
    On trial for charge #1 -Mathews County, Va....
The verdict by Judge Long: 8 days in county jail.
Appealed verdict.....

October 3, 2000 @ 8:30am
       On trial for Charges #2 and #3 -Louisa County, Va....
DUI charge dropped for lack of evidence!
The verdict on charge #2:
6 months suspended liscense and $100.00 fine.

Or, I was told by the judge, I could pay an additional $350.00
and could go to an alchohol prevention driving class
which would allow me to have a restricted liscense
for this 6 month period. Unless of course I were to test
positive for a particular anti-oxidant herb substance (THC) while
in the program. Then they would keep my money and
suspend my liscense anyway.

October 11, 2000 @ 9:00am
First appeal trial for charge #1 -Mathews County, Va....
Verdict: 8 days in county jail, $100.00 fine, and suspended
liscense for 6 additional months.

What possession of cannabis has to do with my
driver's liscense and why they want me to go to an
alchohol class I don't know. As a Yahwistic Christian
I have done nothing wrong. I have not committed a
driving offense and yet I lose my liscense for 12 months?
What vipers! Obviously trying to impede my freedom to
practice my faith. Even so, I have decided not to appeal
these decisions though I feel that the convictions could
be overturned. The expense and time involved in defending
myself is more than I can handle.I'll just walk through
this next year. They cannot stop my prayers to Yahweh.

In 1991 UCLA Biochemistry Dept. head
Dr. Roberta Hamilton ED.D Ph.D  found that:
"Hempseed is the most nutritional food source
so far  discovered by man."

"We at Johnny Hempseed Healing Ministry claim our
First Amendment right to consumption of essential foods
and anointing oils which are clearly given to us in the Bible!"

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