"Kindness can heal anything!"

Johnny Hempseed believes that using ripened hemp as an Holy Communion
with our Creator, strengthens our Spirit, our mind, and our physical body.
Herbs of the earth are created and given to us on the first page of our Bible.

'And Elohim(God) said;"See I have given you every herb that yields
seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit
yields seed; to you it shall be for food."
Who is worthy to change the words of our Creator?
We proclaim all herbs to be good as it is written in our Bible. As United
States citizens we excercise our first  amendment rights of "religious freedom"
if we should choose to cultivate, possess, distribute, or consume any of the
herbs that are clearly given to us in Genesis 1:29 by Yahweh Almighty.

 It is the Holy Spirit of Yahweh, our Creator which causes a seed to
spring forth with life! To deny the farmer access to "good" seeds which
Yahweh has created for him, is extremely contradicting what our Bible says!

How can the possesion of a seed be made unlawful?
It is written that in the latter days they will command us
to obstain from foods which Elohim (God) has created
to be received with thanksgiving by those who
believe and know the Truth.
(1 Timothy 4: 3)

To say that even the seeds of the Father are unclean...
there is something wrong with this type of thinking!

The truth cannot be hidden any longer!
Hemp is Hope, not dope!

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Johnny Hempseed Healing Ministry
Rt. 33 Box 173
Hardyville, VA 23070

 There is nothing to fear in the truth.
The Spirit of Yahweh Almighty gives us ALL HERBS!
Our religious freedoms will not be surrendered!