Why are some people so cruel?

Because of their strange belief that certain herbs are evil, some cultures are very intolerant of those who use medicinal plants, hunting  them down & killing them & even going so far as to deprive their own children of the benefits of natural herbs.

Such are those poor souls afflicted with cannabiphobia. Denying medical science & the fact that every organ in the human body is equipped with cannabinol receptors {whose only purpose is to bond with beneficial cannabinoids}, they let their fear get so out of control that they make war on the very plants which provide the cannabinoids our bodies need for balance. Some have gone so far as to use government programs to defoliate entire rain forests to eradicate one or two plants.

Whenever you see people who are uptight, arrogant, obnoxious, obsessive, bossy, demanding, unfeeling or rude - be tolerant.

Remember, you may be lacking in beneficial nutrients yourself sometime... especially if the zero tolerance czars get their way...

Johnny Hempseed

protecting the planet one plant at a time